Monday, March 11, 2013

Anti-Fascist Poster from Serbia

AFA - Anti-Fascist Action Novi Sad published the following photo collage [sr] on their Facebook page in the form of a medicine commercial (Wikipedia links added). In a few hours it received hundreds of shares.

  • No girlfriend?
  • No job?
  • You were beaten by father (/a cop)?
  • You are not handsome, smart, witty?
  • In general, your life sucks?
Looking for someone to blame for your personal failures?

Try! neoFascism
(Available to former "lower races" too!)

Our satisfied users:
[Logos of 7 Serbian right-wing organizations]

neoFascism  has all the characteristics of Fascismtm but is additionally adapted to 21st century losers. Specially designed for the uneducated, angry young man, capable of redirecting his anger towards stupidities and helping perpetuate the system forever. neoFascism  differs from classic Fascismtm by its allowance of even greater mental acrobatics. Connecting Hitler, Jesus, Russia, Germany, Emperor Dušan, Karadjordje, Battle of Kosovo, SS Divisions, Hip-hop, use of drugs and fight against drugs. It offers unlimited opportunities for lifelong navel-gazing and removes all chances for personal and spiritual development.

1 comment:

Wilhelm said...

You fuckin serb traitors will burn.. The Fourth Reich shall execute your filthy children. Remember my words when your first child is born, he is not fit to live and neither are you, vermin.