Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Macedonia: Media Outlet Mixes Labor Day with Giving Birth

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In line with Macedonian government's campaigns to increase the number of births, a local newspaper declared that the U.S. holiday Labor Day is some sort of celebration of pregnancy and published an article "informing" about many American celebrities who mark it by being pregnant.


Can the propaganda become more bizarre? Yes it can!

Macedonia has declining number of births and increasing rate of emigration due to worsening economic and social conditions, including the decline of freedoms over the past several years. To hide this reality, the Government refuses to conduct a census way past the deadline set by law, which is 10 years since the last one (in 2002).  As a way to "remedy" the situation, the Government invests public money in costly PR campaigns [mk] with a "side-effect" of bribing the complacent media through advertising.