Sunday, November 24, 2013

Boza and Kebabs in Sarajevo

Compared to the boza from Skopje (from Apče as benchmark), the boza in Sarajevo is of lighter colour, with a hue approaching yellowish. The taste is a bit sour ans sharp, but does not go in the direction of corny aftertaste as the Bulgarian boza. The texture is similar to Skopje boza, but not as thick. Price of a glass which can be labeled as medium is 1,5 marks - around EUR 0.75.

Glass of boza on a table in the old town in Sarajevo with people passing by.
Boza in Baščaršija
Kebabs in Sarajevo are pretty similar to the ones in Skopje. Most famous kebab place (bos. ćevabdžilnica) in the Baščaršija (the Old Bazaar) is called Željo. According to area people it is also most expensive. Numerous others in the neighborhood are allegedly pretty OK too, however, the kebabs a bit smaller in them.

Outside of the center, the most recommendable kebab place is Zmaj (Dragon), next to the Train Station. The price of a portion of ten kebabs in a characteristic bread with onions and yogurt is 7 marks, or EUR 3.5.

Two plates with bread containing kebabs and onions, and a glass of yogurt in Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Kebabs in bread with onions and yogurt at "The Dragon"