Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Kind of "Russian" Spam on Twitter

This article is also available in Macedonian | Овој напис е достапен и на македонски
- на Блогерај: Нов вид „руски“ спамови на Твитер
- на Блогспот: Нов вид „руски“ спамови на Твитер 

I came across a new kind of "Russian" spam - I use the term provisionally because the senders all have Russian names. What they do is make mentions of other twitter users and include text of older tweets sent to them. I assume this is a way to make the tweets look more "legit."

I document through photos, as I also reported them to Twitter for spam, which will hopefully lead to their removal.

The first round of such tweets also have retweets from their "pals."

The text was taken from a tweet by RubinBt, who responded to my question five days before prior (related to a Global Voices post).

Possibly the sender/s who controls those profiles is not proficient in Macedonian language at all...

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