Friday, November 09, 2012

Armenia: Trees Turned into Sculptures

This article is also available in Macedonian and Albanian
- на македонски на Блогерај: Ерменија: Дрвја претворени во скулптури   
- на македонски на Блогспот: Ерменија: Дрвја претворени во скулптури      
- në gjuhën shqipe në Armeni: Drunjët shndërrohen në skulptura    

Examples how trees can remain part of the urban environment after their natural death. I made these photographs on the streets of Etchmiadzin, Armenia, in October 2006.

I already wrote about this (in Macedonian, on Blogspot and Blogeraj) back in 2009, when Skopje City Government started the first massacre of trees on Ilinden boulevard.

The city of Etchmiadzin is a spiritual seat of the Armenian culture, holding the seat of their national church. The complex containing the main cathedral is open and organized as a park with much greenery.

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