Thursday, February 09, 2012

Macedonia: Icy Grip on the Center of Skopje

While the carriageways of the main boulevards in the center of Skopje are clear, the pavements and the side streets in the municipality of Centar remain icy. Some are covered by layers of ice or re-frozen slush, by old frozen snow, or an unevenly hardened mash of snow and "salt."
Fokus daily claimed that the authorities avoid declaring nationwide state of emergency in order to "prove" that they were prepared for the snow.
Mitropolit Teodosij Gologoganov boulevard, evening of Feb 8.
An alley near the Universal Hall. This and all other photos bellow made on Feb 9.

9 Maj str. layers and bumps of various material

29 Noemvri str. the biggest in the area, seems most cleared.

20 Oktomvri str. hard snowy ice

Pavement on Rajko Zhinzifov str.

Multilayered Nikola Trimpare str.

The pavement in front of Bunjakovec shopping centre.
The pavement on the other side of Partizanski odredi boulevard seems clear.

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