Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Testing Blogger in Beta by opening a new blog: SF Observer

I started a new blog--Science Fiction Observer--as a way to test the new version of Blogger, Blogger in Beta. The new systems retains all the advantages of the old version, while the following added functionalities seem most useful at this time

  • modular design elements - they can be included in the template or turned off with great ease
  • dynamic catherogizing of the posts via "labels" (tags, keywords)
  • redesigned user interface - it's more user friendly and "better looking"
  • you can still manually change and adjust the template code
I have extremelly positive general impression. When possible, I'll migrate the existing blogs from the old to the new Blogger. This possibility is currently delayed for large blogs or in some other cases.

Help promoting the new SF and related topics blog by putting links to it or particular posts from your blogs/websites. If you are a member of StumbleUpon or Digg, put a good word through those services. The former proved quite effective, garnering over a 1000 visitors during yesterday, according to SF Observer's SiteMeter.

Sources (from the Macedonian version of Razvigor)

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