Sunday, November 09, 2003

The New Teen Titans, Again is a fan site for one of my favorite comics series. The fans add their own interpretations in "swimsuit editions," some hand-drawn, some CG. Too bad no new George Peres emerged, but we can only hope. They also run an index of the issues, with short plot descriptions. As far as I can tell (I have major gaps in my collection) they nail the plots pretty well.

Check out the interview with Marv Wolfman, co-creator of the New Teen Titans. Excerpt:
UGO: Of these three, which is your favorite movie franchise: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or the Matrix?

MW: An unfair question. Star Wars has five movies, the first two of which were great, the last three lousy. Matrix has only two movies, one great, and one lousy. Lord of the Rings has only had two of its three movies, both great, but so were the first two Star Wars - I'll wait, though I assume, unlike Star Wars, they will remain great (and no, I am not a fan of the books). My favorite trilogy is Back to the Future. They're all great.

Unbeknownst to me, a cartoon series based on the comics appeared. According to Wolfman, it's "aimed more at the younger crowd than the high school/college age audience" of the comics. Well, it’s been a while since I could conjure up a reason to plug in a TV, and run Cartoon Network on it. But, let’s make a mental note.

The name is Marv, not Mary. With a "V."

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