Sunday, June 13, 2004

Live Free, or Be Killed

David Gordon of the Ludwig fon Mises Institute explains:
I am no expert in Islamic theology and, in any case, have no wish to defend Wahhabi Islam. But before we take action against the religion of millions of people, ought we not to be cautious? Surely belief in fundamentalist Islam does not always lead to anti-American violence. It has after all not prevented Saudi Arabia from entering into an alliance with us. I suggest that watchful waiting is a wiser course of action than a quixotic attempt to cram neoconservatism down the throats of the world’s Muslims.
Along the same lines, Antiwar published a short history of recent U.S.-Iraq relations, from a perspective of a former Iraqi general Jaber who "was in charge of communication and radar for the Iraqi military," during the Iran-Iraq war, which coincided with the reign of Reagan.

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